16-May-2018Shelbyville, KY(18 miles)Cats for Sale
11-16-17 How to describe Prissy? Hmmmm, well her name fits her! LOL What we do know is that Prissy is not a morning kitty. Cranky and fussy in the mornings for sure! Doesn't want any attention, can't even talk to her early or she will fuss at you! Now as the day wears on Prissy comes to life and enjoys attention. In all fairness Prissy has a right to be a little miffed at the world. She gave he...
16-May-2018Shelbyville, KY(18 miles)Cats for Sale
Ruby has added a new word to the english language and it's "Rubytude"! The description in the dictionary would read: Rubytude - Bossy, demanding, sassy, quick to fire! :) We at the Kitty Cottage truly love our Ruby and her "Rubytude". She is very loving and wants to be petted but as quick as the blink of an eye she is over it and whacks you! She screams from her high perch for her canned food b...
30-Apr-2018Shelbyville, KY(18 miles)Cats for Sale
11-26-17 Celeste is absolutely wonderful! The images do not do this little beauty justice. She has the most incredible bright green eyes, that short little tail, and a excellent personality. Now that personality is amazing, gentle, and very loving to people, however, she isn't so friendly or nice to other kitties. Celeste wants to be the 1 and only love in someones life. :) Celeste is approx 14...
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